FORMArchitetti has different possibilities of interpretation. More or less conventional. It denotes the form that the architects give to the architectures, then, denotes also that the architectures takes shape at the hand of architects. Again: the architectures are recognizable and stored thank to their forms. Is also true the opposite: from the forms of architectures are recongnised the architects, that ones with the capital “A” that the big public knows. The interweaving forms, architectures, and industry professionals, are many.    We like to think that each of you get for it its meaning and see for it your own path. Thinking that each of us (Mosconi-Monarchi-Martelloni) three architects with only the capital “M”, extrapolates a personal concept with its own nuances.

FORMArchitetti is a recently founded design group. Is born from the partnership of three architects, who shared a first common path, and then they devotes themselves to professional life with a different way and approach. Today they meet again, united by the ambitious aim to work in the architecture business at 360 degrees, combining the specificity and the natural inclinations of each one, such as to offer to the    purchaser a full design, complete and careful in every point of view.

Through the reciprocal collaboration, availing if necessary, of professional people in the engineering, geology, agronomy and fashion businesses, that already daily rotate around FORMArchitetti, the group wants to approach in an accurate and conscious way every sides of the design. Design in small and large scale, from the object of furniture to the reorganization of the urban weaving, marking well to control the process, from the first design ideas to the test and the accounts of the oeuvre.

Since some years the team pay attention to the current requires about environment and bearableness, and work in the renewable energy production business (some photovoltaic plant realized).