ENRICO MARTELLONI was born in Fossombrone (PU) in September 1978, but he grows and lives in Acqualagna until 2008, when he makes the move to Fano.

He leaves the little reality of Acqualagna by the age of eleven, to attend the “Gioacchino Rossini” academy of music in Pesaro, where, the meeting with students and teachers from every part of the world, will make a decisive imprinting to his training.

He obtains an engineering surveyor qualification in 1998 and he decides to enrol at the Architecture University of Florence, where he graduated in 2007; immediately catapulted to the working world, he cooperates with some experts of Rimini, Pesaro e Fano, and he has the possibility to sweep in different areas of the architectural topic, from the restoration of buildings to the internal architecture, from the multi-purpose centre to the single design object.

There’s no lack of competitions participations, together with his friends, obtaining decent satisfactions, such as the competition organized by the Foundation “SOLIDARITY FANO”, for the realization of an agreed building assistance to realize in S.Lazzaro, where he placed fourth; or the competition of ideas for the “Design of New Fund Building of Pesaro” where he placed third, only behind the renowned and well-know studies.            


DANTE MONARCHI was born in Gubbio in January 1979 where he still lives. In 1998 he received the qualification of Building surveyor at the State Technical Institute “Maria Letizia Cassata” in Gubbio. Then he enrols at Architecture Faculty in Florence, where he takes a degree with a thesis in Design entitled: “Gubbio: a Terminal Museum – Recovery of the ex hospital in 40 Martyrs square.

In 2007 he defends his thesis at the Rocca Paolonia in Perugia, taking part in the first regional congress organized by the register of architects of the Umbria region.

He cooperates actively with the architectural studio “2 Lines Associates” in Gubbio, founded in the early 90s and it claims to be one of the most important studio of the local panorama of Gubbio and Province of Perugia.

Since 2008, when he received the qualification to be a Freelancer, cooperated and made several works of architectural design, protective renovation and internal design.

He takes part, with colleagues and friends, in many architecture competitions and in one of these, “Design of the New Building Fund of Pesaro”, he ranks third.



MICHELE MOSCONI was born in Sassocorvaro in September 1979 and he lives in Sestino (AR), enclave of Toscana, that borders Montefeltro (province Pesaro-Urbino). In 1998 he receives the qualification of building surveyor at the “Francesco Maria the second of Rovere” high school in Urbania (PU) and he enrolls at the University of Architecture in Florence, with graduation thesis on Design, supervisor professor V. Pannocchia.

In recent years of university he’s an Interior Architecture expert to the faculty of Architecture.

In 2005 he won the first prize in the VI edition of the international competition for architectural ideas “Among Architecture and City” (theme: redevelopment of Piazza Ghiberti / Marketplace of S. Ambrogio in Florence / president of the Jury Arch. Femia – study 5+1) He collaborates with rrs-studio based in Florence, founded by his friend Riccardo Renzi, researcher at the Department of Architectural and Urban Design at the faculty of Architecture in Florence.

In 2008 he achieved the qualification to the Free occupation and in 2009 he opened his own professional studio in Piandimeleto (PU) (upper Montefeltro where he still lives). He deals with different themes: Architectural design at different scales, the renovation, the interior design (residential buildings and public spaces such as cafè, restaurants, shops) the facilities and production sites (photovoltaic systems, already realized in Marche and Toscana, and restructuring of factories). Today the studio claims, thanks to the active presence of professionals in the field of plant, job security, topographic relief, cadastral practice and legal advice, to a full offer towards every types of customers. With friends and colleagues (from which born with enthusiasm the willingness to embrace a lot of areas and market segment, in brief: FORMArchitetti) he takes part in different architectural competition including the theme “Design of New Building Case Competition in Pesaro” in which he placed third.